The next generation of Chinese conversion solution.
A wonderful conversion tool to convert Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese

Current version: 1.2 Beta

Support 4 regions of Chinese

SuperChineseConverter supports four regions of Chinese including Traditional Chinese in Hong Kong, Traditional Chinese in Taiwan, Simplified Chinese in China and Simplified Chinese in Singapore. That means some dialect/special phrases and words of each Chinese regions/countries will also be converted by the SuperChineseConverter.





Original Text
Software 軟件 软件 軟體
Eng. Trad. (HK) Simp. (CN) Trad. (TW)
Converted result [Trad. (TW)]
Software 軟體 軟體 軟體

Auto-detect input type

SuperChineseConverter will detect what region of Chinese language of the user input automatically. Users do not need to select what type of Chinese to input.

More than a Chinese conversion

Other than Chinese conversion, SuperChineseConverter supports several conversion options such as Chinese punctuation conversion, Fullwidth numbers/English characters/symbols conversion and auto space function to improve readability.
More than a Chinese conversion